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Luxury vinyl information in Groton

Luxury Vinyl is a great option for people who are on a budget and want their flooring to look and feel indulgent. You can use luxury vinyl in so many ways throughout your home. If you love the look of hardwood floors but you're on a budget you can get the same look with luxury vinyl.

Eastern CT Flooring can help you decide which luxury vinyl tiles are perfect for your home. It will depend on the room you want to have the tile placed in. You will probably want to use a different type of luxury vinyl tile in your kitchen than you would in your living room. Some people use the same luxury vinyl throughout their home.

Various ways to use luxury vinyl


  • Hardwood - there are luxury vinyl tiles that look exactly like hardwood flooring. If you want that hardwood floor for less money we can help you.
  • Playroom - some luxury vinyl tiles are soft and perfect for a child's playroom. You can also use fun colors and mix and match them for your child's playroom.
  • Patio - you can also use luxury vinyl tile on your outdoor patio or deck. You can create almost any type of look you would like. Luxury vinyl can look like hardwood, stone, brick and more.
  • Countertop and backsplash - you can use luxury vinyl tiles on countertops and backsplashes as well. This can create a beautiful and elegant look in your kitchen or bathroom.

Luxury Vinyl tiles are the most versatile type of flooring. Not many types of flooring can appear to be something else. Hardwood floors will always be hardwood floors and carpet will always be carpet. If you want to purchase luxury vinyl and would like a few ideas on how to use it in creative ways contact Eastern CT Flooring at (860) 237-3595 and we will inform you on how this works.

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