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Hardwood sanding & refinishing


Hardwood sanding and refinishing will revitalize your floors

If your hardwood floors look old and worn it is possible to bring new life to them with a good hardwood sanding and refinishing. This process will not only revitalize your floors but they will end up looking brand new and beautiful. Hardwood floors should last 15 years to the life of your home if they are properly cared for.

If you have moved into a new home with hardwood floors that weren't cared for or if the hardwood floors in your home need a touch up there is an easy fix. Hardwood sanding and refinishing will take away that old and tattered look. Eastern CT Flooring has professionals on staff with experience that can bring life back to your hardwood floors.

What hardwood sanding and refinishing can do for your floors


  • Do your floors need to be sanded? - if you're wondering if your floors need to be sanded and refinished there is a simple test you can do. Take a teaspoon or less of water and drop it on the hardwood floor. If the water seeps right into the floor then your floors need to be at least refinished and sealed. If you find that there are dents and even cracks in your floors then you will also want to have them sanded to fix these issues.
  • Do repairs first - if your hardwood floors need repairs you should have them fixed first. Some hardwood floors will have cracks and other issues like warping. You should have these problems fixed before you have the floors sanded or refinished.




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Why a professional should sand and refinish your hardwood floors


  • Dust - when you have someone sand and refinish your floors there is a lot of dust. A professional will know how to handle the dust and protect your furniture. They will bring the proper plastic sheeting and know how to keep the dust under control.
  • Leveling and other issues - one thing hardwood sanding and refinishing can do for your floors is fix issues like leveling the floor. If you aren't a professional you could make the issue worse.
  • Depth - some hardwood floors don't have a lot of depth. A professional will be able to take a look at your floor and know how far they can go with the sanding. They will be able to measure the depth and figure out where to begin and end.

If your hardwood floors are in need of sanding and refinishing call Eastern CT Flooring today to set up an appointment and get an estimate. Once you have your hardwood floors sanded and refinished they will look brand new and they will last for years.