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Use hardwood flooring to enhance your home and increase it's value

Hardwood flooring adds beauty and elegance to any home. The look and feel of hardwood floors is luxurious. There are dark hardwood floors and light hardwood and everything in between.

If you add hardwood floors to your home you will immediately increase the value. Hardwood floors have become very popular these days because they add warmth, style and sophistication. Wood floors can also create a rustic feel to a country home if that is your style.

How to create various looks with hardwood floors


  • Rustic - if you want to create a rustic look in your home you could use distressed hardwood. Distressed wood comes in various colors. You could speak with one of our designers at Eastern CT Flooring in Groton to find out about the distressed hardwood options we offer.
  • French country - this look can either be a bit on the rustic side or it can be very sophisticated depending on your taste. There are various options to choose from for this type of look.
  • Upscale - when it comes to hardwood floors this is the most popular look. Hardwood floors have a tendency to look elegant and beautiful. They create a certain amount of charm in your home.


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The various types of hardwood floors at Eastern CT Flooring


  • Green products - some of our hardwood flooring is environmentally friendly. The company Mohawk is known for its green products. Call Easter CT Flooring to find out about the environmentally friendly Mohawk hardwood products we carry.
  • Engineered hardwood - engineered wood is man made flooring. Hardwood is used in the making of engineered flooring. Some of the engineered hardwood flooring is environmentally friendly as well.
  • Solid hardwood flooring - we carry beautiful solid hardwood flooring from maple, natural oak, engineered and much more.

When you add hardwood to your home you will increase the value and beauty. Hardwood floors should last for 15 years or more depending on how you take care of them. They will need to be refinished at least every 8-12 years to keep them in good shape. When they are refinished they will look brand new and beautiful.