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New carpet will brighten up your home with a fresh look and style

Is it time for you to purchase new carpet? If your carpets are 10 years old or even older it's time to buy new carpet. If your carpets are dirty and beginning to pull and lift up you either need to have them re-stretched and tucked or buy brand new carpet. It's always a good idea to buy new carpet at least every 10 years because styles and colors change and carpets tend to wear out at this point. Colors that were in style in the 1970's are not in style anymore.

Brand new carpeting will bring new life into your home. You will feel refreshed and you may want to entertain more to show off your beautiful new carpet. Eastern CT Flooring located in Groton, CT has a huge selection of carpets, colors and styles to choose from.

When is it time to buy new carpet?


  • Age of carpet - in many cases it comes down to the age of your carpet. Most people buy new carpet within 8-10 years. Many times when you have had your carpet that long it tends to be worn in some areas and dirty in other areas.
  • New styles - styles and colors change from time to time. Every five to ten years you will notice different colors that are in style. You may have your own favorite colors for rugs though and that is your choice. Some people like beige carpet because it goes with everything.
  • New home - many people like to buy new carpet when they buy a home. The carpet in the new house may be dirty or it may not be your taste.

New carpeting will increase the value of your home as well. It's a good idea to buy new carpeting before you put your house up for sale. New carpeting will make your house appear new and fresh. You should also consider having your home painted before you try to sell it. Call Eastern CT Flooring to find out about our selection of carpets and name brands.

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