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Carpet binding


Get your carpet binding done at Eastern CT Flooring

When you buy a new carpet and have it installed sometimes you end up with extra pieces of carpet called carpet remnants. You can use Eastern CT Flooring carpet binding service to turn those carpet remnants into area rugs, mats and stair runners.

One way to save money on area rugs is to purchase carpet remnants and then have them turned into area rugs or stair runners. There are so many things you can do with extra carpet pieces. Carpet binding can turn a piece of scrap into a beautiful rug. You can use carpet remnants to create area rugs and stair runners.

Other reasons to use a carpet binding services


  • Pets - dogs and cats have a tendency to pull on carpets and rugs and ruin them. If your pet tore up the edges of one of your rugs you can use the carpet binding service from Eastern CT Flooring to fix the edges of your rug or carpet. You could have a mat created specifically for your pets to lay on or play with if
  • Children - children can really tear up a carpet after a year or so. If this is the case you can have your carpets, area rugs and stair runners fixed with our carpet binding service. You can create area rugs for your child's playroom that they can jump and play on without your worrying if they will be destroyed or not.
  • Style - another use for carpet binding is to change area rugs by adding color, texture or style. Purchasing carpet remnants and having them turned into area rugs or stair runners is an inexpensive way to get beautiful, high quality rugs.

Another use for carpet remnants once they go through the carpet binding process is to use them as car mats. Eastern CT Flooring has a carpet binding service that will turn your carpet remnants into beautiful rugs.



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